Start of a Sweater

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I've given in to my startitis and have decided that hey, if I want to have ten, no twelve, no twenty projects on the needles then damn it, I will!

Aren't I a rebel?

Anyway, I have two cable sweaters that I've started this week: both pinkish, both from Inspired Cable Knits. This first one is a hoody with a zipper, and this is the bank. I'm using Lavold Silky Wool that I know I got on sale somewhere. It is a nice yarn, not very soft, but the cables show up well. And this is Pilot's favorite yarn. He digs through the knitting bag to get it out and then he enjoys running around the house with it. So charming, that dog.


handeyecrafts said…
Finn is a yarn dog, too. No discernible favorites yet --- just anything that I'm working with. Or that's lying around. Or that's in a box. . .

You go, girl, on the startitis!