Top Down!

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First off, Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours! Thanks to you for reading my blog this year and I hope you have a restful and fiber filled holiday.

Second, I cast on for this yesterday---it's called Ginerva's Pullover but I will never call it that since it is one of those twee IK names that bother me. Why can't the designers just call it "Two Yarn Pullover" or something like that? Because honestly, it isn't Ginerva's pullover, it will be mine.
I hate to go all scroogy but I do feel that way.

Third, I love this yarn!! It is Malabrigo Twist, which is made from Baby Merino. Now, I know Baby Alpaca is the first shearing of any alpaca, and I'm guessing baby merino might be the same. It is so soft and squooshy! And it seems like it is knitting up fast, as it is a heavy worsted weight.

Fourth, and the best thing is the color, called "Purple Mystery"

Fifth, it is top down thus no seams. Love this.

Merry Christmas!


Kim said…
Kimberly said…
Merry Christmas!

Your yarn has beautiful tones. I've never used Malibrigo but keep hearing good things about it!
Beverly said…
Merry Christmas!!!