What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Vogue Knitting Winter 11/2


Well then.

Winter's Eve

Did I post this?


Knits Accessories Review

Review: Jane Austen Knits

Holiday Hexipuff

Candy Cane Sock

No excuses

Sorry for the Silence

10 Miles!

Two Hexipuffs short of Ten miles

TG Recap

My Life in Stockinette

Sunrise Circle again

Vogue Knitting Holiday 2011 Review


Purple Tweedy Sweater

Sunrise Circle Jacket, my toes, and a cat bowl

New Sock

OccupyRowan: Save Calmer!

Oh Manolo!

Back of Manolo

Sunrise circle jacket

Spooky Hexipuffs!

And it now looks like a sweater

Well, hello, Manolo

Tweedy Top Down

Tiny (but not impossibly so) little booties

Fair Isle Sweater

Impossibly tiny little sweater

Awkward moment of panic


Impossibly tiny little pants

I'm particularly brain dead today

Weekend Knitting Update

Apparently, the sofa had a little chill

Side to side

Past the halfway point

Week 1 done

A Good Feeling

The Wrap

Sideways Sweater with Cat Bowl

Here is that purple sweater

Shark Socks

15 and 14

More Entrelac

12 and 13

More Startitis

Startitis and a Fladdle

Review of Debbie Bliss magazine Fall/Winter 2011