Astor Update

IMG_3784.JPG by kbshee
IMG_3784.JPG, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Just what one needs going into the summer...a bulky knit long cardigan!

Well actually, this isn't a bad sweater for Oregon summers, which can be a bit chilly in the morning and almost always chilly on the coast. So once I finish the second sleeve, I'll be wearing this one!

I continue to be frustrated by how hard it is to see the cool pattern and the beautiful with little multicolored flecks, but once it is done I'll take it out in the sun (which seems to have decided to return here) to show it to you.

I've changed the sleeve...the original sleeve was an elbow length sleeve and readers of my blog will know that those annoy me. So I did a cuff using the same windowpane pattern and then just started the sleeve from there. I think it will look great and luckily I have plenty of yarn.

If you want a quick knit (for a sweater), I highly recommend this! Thanks again to Rachel for her suggestion!


Jeanne said…
I'm knitting a scarf for my sister (Central Oregon is cold!) and it is a simple lace pattern (Falling Water). I'm using a very slightly variegated yarn and it is completely swallowing the lace and cable-like pattern. I think, anything that has any sort of texture that you want to be visible, needs to be done in a plain, solid-color yarn. I've learned my lesson!
Rachel said…
Good to see you are making so much progress on this! I've made no more progress at all (barely knitting at all on anything actually!). And you are right, sweater wearing in Oregon during summer months is still an option!