Brief Sock Hiatus

IMG_3782.JPG by kbshee
IMG_3782.JPG, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

I finished these socks (see earlier post, I'm spacing on the yarn) this week---they traveled to the Tall Ships with us so I had lots of good car knitting time. They are purpler than they look here (and apparently purpler is a word since the spell check thingee didn't show up on my screen, as it does when i type the word thingee) and I like them a lot. But. I might take a brief sock hiatus and work on a couple other projects (well, several other projects) that have just been hanging out in incomplete land for too long (and one is a pair of socks, so it is a hiatus on new socks).

Yesterday was my birthday (don't ask numbers) and it was a great day. What can beat a Saturday birthday! It started with presents and cards at breakfast, a nice walk with the dogs, lunch at one of my favorite places, Marche, playing Wii Fit Plus in the afternoon, pretzels and cake, and then Wicked last night. I loved Wicked. We had AMAZING seats (maybe 10th row...thank you to my colleague Sally who bought a block of tix about a year ago that resulted in the awesome seats) and the performance was flawless. Just a great day.


Kim said…
Glad you had a great day. I had you in my heart all through it.
Rachel said…
Hey--happy birthday!! Glad to hear you had a great day!

So is Astor in the pile to be worked on??
Kim in Oregon said…
Thanks Twinner. And yes Rachel, I have a MAJOR Astor update for my next blog post.
kathy b said…
HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!

Love your purpler than shown socks. Looks like the would take a bit longer than my usual short cuff socks.

NO one mourns the WICKED seems so appropro considering the death of Bin Ladin ....