IMG_3790.JPG by kbshee
IMG_3790.JPG, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

I have no interesting knitting pictures to has been so dark and rainy that everything looks dark and gloomy. But. I almost have the second stripey sock done and the right front of the one cable sweater is also close to being done. I've been taking the knitting kind of slow due to busy-ness and to trying to rest my arm a bit.

But...even though it is cool (mid 50s) and gloomy here, the flowers are amazing. We have literally dozens of Digitalis and Columbine everywhere. Even our recalcitrant bleeding hearts are thriving (they don't like sun, and we have plenty of no sun here). This is our tiny front yard which we've tried to create as a mini-forest It is so green...but honestly, a little sun wouldn't kill us.


Kim said…
"recalcitrant bleeding hearts" sounds like some sort of political slam.