Pinched nerve?

IMG_3834.JPG by kbshee
IMG_3834.JPG, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

My miraculous (ok, overstatement but you know what I mean) recovery from my very sore arm makes Tim think that perhaps I had a pinched nerve. It is somewhat amazing that I can type AND knit without pain and I'm so happy about that!

Cool and wet long weekend, with periods of reading and knitting interspersed with Wii Fit Plus and dog walks. I finished these socks and also made some headway on the monk's cable sweater.

I also found* a sweater wip that hasn't been worked on for at least a year, probably is a fair isle where front, back and sleeves are knit separately and then joined in the round for the fair isle yoke. Well, I've knit the front and back and half of one sleeve, so I'm probably 70% done with this and not sure why I put it away. So it is back on the active wip list too.

I also organized some knitting by matching patterns to yarn in stash so I could get started on even more sweaters I won't be able to finish. It made me feel good and organized. So far, three sweaters on the docket for when I finish these three. Oh how I amuse myself.

Hope you're warmer and drier than we are!

*found as in...opened the drawer in the coffee table where this has been stored forever. For. Ever. One piece was just loose...not stored on waste yarn or anything. Luckily the yarn is pretty sticky and no major bad stuff was done.


"Sticky"? How might yarn become "sticky"?
Kim in Oregon said…
Oh you know twinner, how some wool yarn tends to not unravel as easily as some other yarns. Wools that are not merino or not superwashed in particular?