Review of Summer IK

Finally it's summer! says the new issue of IK. Well, here in Oregon, not so much. But let's take a look in the new issue anyway.
The Good: Dockside cardigan is 'cocoon like' and that sounds good to me. It's in a pretty color in the magazine as well. The Amelia Hoodie is cute even if it is displayed with the typical "put a tshirt under it" IK styling which I hate. I might even consier the Al Fresco Cardigan although it isn't flattering on the model..I thought she was a plus sized model but turns out she's wearing a 32 1/2. OK so maybe not on that one.
The Uninteresting: Lots of lace stuff in this issue. I'm not big on lace. I can't really say these patterns are bad; they just aren't of interest to me because they're lace. Yes. I'm Lacist.
The Silly: While I liked the article on silk, the call out "Buyer Beware" box made me giggle because it tells you how to test the silk content of yarn that you are thinking about buying. How, you ask? A BURN TEST! I'm sure my LYS will love it when I whip out my Zippo to make sure the yarn I'm about to buy is silk!
And More Silly: The Mission Cardigan is Fishnet stockings masquerading as a sweater. Why?
Bottom Line: I'd write more but I'm yawning because this issue is pretty dull.


technikat said…
I agree. Ho hum.