Stripey Sock

IMG_3833.JPG by kbshee
IMG_3833.JPG, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Very, very bright. Yes, as bright as this!

I have now progressed to wearing an elbow brace because of my cotton-yarn induced arm muscle pain (on just my right arm). Odd. Last night it hurt so much I had trouble going to sleep. I need to be consistent with ibuprofin, and any additional tips for whatever is wrong with the arm are appreciated. I think the only solution, though, is the one I don't want to hear.*

*to stop knitting.


Kim said…
Nope --- it can NEVER be "stop knitting." But do take care.
Liz said…
I would add some ice ( 15 min on, 45 off) to the ibuprophen, and seriously, some knitting rest - note that it's REST, not some books, or better yet, listen to some books so you don't have to hold the book and stress your arm. Good Luck !!