Vogue Knitting Holiday 2011 Review

OK, so if you ever had any question as to whether Vogue Knitting was related to Vogue, this should be the final answer. Cover felon Martha Stewart shares her love of knitting in this issue of VK. She has a new line of yarn produced by Lion Brand. Enough about that? Let's move on.

The Good: The theme of this issue is "Knitting A to Z" and I, for one, dearly miss VK's whackadoodle themes and goofball accessories. However, some of the A to Z things are quite nice. 35 patterns in all (and they don't even do the whole alphabet) and a free pull-out pattern for something odd. Anyway, some pretty cabled sweaters (A for Aran, C for Cables (two sweaters!)and an interesting 'u' (undyed) with a great pattern. Two mitts that are cute (g is for gauntlets, q is for quick). A beautiful jacket. A cute hat. Really, well done, VK! Nothing I'm running to knit rightnowrightaway, but lots of nice inspiration.

The Bad: Check out the "Xtra Bulky" offering: here . Who is wearing an extra bulky skirt this holiday, hands up right now! Oh, that's what I thought.

The Ugly: while you're checking out the link, take a gander at the styling of the pink sweater under vintage. It's like the whackadoodle stylist escaped from her cage and threw all the crazy on one outfit: a green pailette and feather skirt, a Mad Tea Party hat, and polka dot platforms. What exactly is the vintage part there?

Overall: can't really complain that much. Nice pieces and enough crazy to keep me laughing.*-------


zippiknits said…
Thanks for the review! You've saved me some money. I share your views on the cover felon thing. lol