Knits Accessories Review

As much as I disliked "Jane Austen Knits", it's all good after several perusals of "Knits Accessories", also published by IK. Here are my thoughts:

1. 42 patterns for $14.99. That's something like 40 cents a pattern. Given that accessories patterns bought on Rav are $4-5, even if I knit only 10% of the stuff in this issue then I'll be ahead.

2. And I'm going to knit a lot more than 4. The issue has 4 shawls, 6 socks, 8 women's hats, 11 scarves/cowls, 5 guy's hats, and 4 mitten and glove patterns. And there's good stuff.

3. Even though I don't like lace, I may knit the Trousseau wrap because I have the perfect purple laceweight Wollmeise in the stash.

4.I'm probably going to cast on the Meridian socks this week, and want to do the thrummed slipped called "Highland Slippers".

5. I love the Copenhagen Hat.

6. Readers of my blog know I'm not crazy about cowls. But likely, there are only a few (and even one I like--the Tilt Cowl) along with the Two Ribs Infinity scarf which I think is great.

7. It's too bad there are only four glove/mitten patterns, because I'm going to knit them all.

8. One thing I really like about this magazine is that the designers use yarns that aren't break-the-bank expensive. Sure there are some high end yarnchoices, but there's also stuff made with Brown Sheep Bulky, Cascade 128, Lion Brand, Paton's and Plymouth. I really appreciate that--it makes it easy to mix and match from the stash when many projects use 'workhorse' yarns.

So there you have it. I like this magazine a lot. Could you tell?


Anonymous said…
You've sold me, especially that all the nice things aren't high end yarns that I can't ever justify buying.

I guess I'll call around the LYS's and find a copy. And, thanks for reviewing the two mags that you did. :+)