No excuses

IMG_4084 by kbshee
IMG_4084, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Sorry for the blog silence...I have no good reason other than, to be perfectly honest, I just didn't feel like blogging.

It's been a weird end of the term. The University's President was unceremoniously fired at the end of November. I'm on the committee that meets with him weekly to 'advise' him, although he's taught me more than I had advice for him. So it has been a very hard struggle for me to deal with this, to run the committee and to try to help the University stay focused and upbeat and committed given the loss. On top of that was the end of the term and the panic to get stuff done that always comes with that. And so here I am, back again!

I have been knitting. This was my therapy: the anemone hat by Cat Bordhi. Boy, I wish I had this one while I was still in my ten mile mode---it eats up lots and lots of yarn with the little tendrils. It's a couple hundred yards in Malabrigo Merino, any soft worsted will work. There's also an option for a mobius brim, if you are a fan of Cat's mobius.

And now the run til Christmas. Our presents are pretty much on their way to where they need to be, and we have decorating and cookies to accomplish. And cards. But all will be done in good time.


Beverly said…
Love it. I have this pattern also and think I will do the moebious style.
Rachel said…
I never knew this pattern existed until recently when I saw Grumperina's for her baby. I knew immediately I had to have I think it's fabulous that you made it!! Now you need to provide a modeled shot!

BTW -- how tedious are the tendrils? Is this a fairly quick knit or long and arduous? I'll still knit it but would like to know for planning purposes. ;)
Kim in Oregon said…
I don't think the tendrils are tedious, especially given that you knit this in Worsted and the tendrils are *supposed* to be every 4th stitch on every third row (but for some reason I ended up doing every 3rd stitch). Definitely, definitely a quick knit--I did this is 3 football games, I would guess.
zippiknits said…
That's a very cute hat. I just ordered the pdf,too. I hope I can knit it! lol