Review: Jane Austen Knits

I love Jane Austen. I love knitting. So you'd think I'd love Jane Austen Knits, right?

Well, you would be wrong. It is a beautiful magazine but not just for me. Here's a few thoughts:

1. The cover price is $14.99--a bit pricier than many other publications. You get 36 pattens so I guess that's a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of patterns that I have no interest in knitting. Tea Cozies. Reticules (twee little purses). Capelets, shawl and lacy neckwear. If you like any of these things, this magazine may be for you.

2. Many of the sweaters are either shrugs or spencers. A spencer is a sweater that ends right under the bust, which is pretty typical in Austen's era. I don't think this is a flattering look on many people, and when I read a spencer described as 'flattering' (next to a not flattering picture) I got a little annoyed.

3. There are lots of articles speculating on whether Jane Austen knit and if she did, what she might knit and what she knit those things out of. If you are interested in this type of things, there's a great book called "What Jane Austen ate and Charles Dickens knew" whihc is much more interesting.

4. A few things I did like: "An Aran for Frederick" in a great cable pattern and the "Marianne Dashwood Stockings" are pretty neat looking. But that's about it for me.

Tomorrow I'll share my review of "Knits Accessories" which is much cheerier.


Kim said…
Love #3!!