Vogue Knitting Winter 11/2

I'm confused. Wasn't I just mocking the VK with Martha Stewart on the cover? Well, apparently VK took all the crappy patterns laying around the VK Design Studio and plopped them all in this issue, entitled "Knits You'll Live In". OK...it's not 100% crappy. There's actually...

The Good: 37 patterns for $6.99, plus pictures of a lot of free glove patterns downloadable at VK.com . Probably my favorite part, these free patterns. I like a long cable cardigan (#9)and a relaxed pullover (#11).Some pretty accessories in purple (ok, a pair of mittens).

The Bad: The "Knit Living" section has many, many pillow patterns AND a pattern for a knit ottoman (ain't happening here). I'm not a fan of knit skirts, so hoorah, 5 knit skirt patterns! And two pairs of purple socks are ruined (for me) with drop stitch techniques. Honey, if I see a drop stitch in a sock, I've screwed up.

The Ugly: Oh, the ugliness. There's a section called Urban Rednewal (not a typo, RED newal) which are capes and ponchos knit in red yarn. I'm sorry, VK, but a pretty color does not make up for ugly cape poncho things. Then, there's an "eye catching split sleeve effect" cape that makes no sense at all.

But wait. There's more.

Two, count 'em, two turbans. Turbans. Tur. Bans. True, they are positioned as "vintage chic" but who who who would wear these?



Anonymous said…
Hi Kim
Just quicksticks as I should really be tidying up for my New Year's Eve Dinner tomorrow but the call to write about books . . . well you know how it goes . . .
Here's my pick from 2011 readings:
The Pesthouse: Jim Crace ~ not a 'pleasant' read but well worth it
Monica Ali: Brick Lane ~ a best seller over here ~ the life of a Bangladeshi girl's arranged marriage and life in London's East End
Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth ~ non-fiction, didn't like his style of writing one bit but hugely interesting!
Katherine McMahon: The Rose of Sebastopol ~ another best seller ~ tale of two very different cousins and how their lives were caught up in the Crimean War
Bill Bryson: The Lost Continent ~ very funny ~ not sure how true it is but I learnt a lot about the Mid West ~ very entertaining
Katherine McMahon: The Crimson Rooms ~ excellent story of a girl making her way as a lawyer in Edwardian times (very daring) and a murder case she is involved with
Fallada: Alone in Berlin ~ translated from German and the story of one man's disillusion and his attempt to undermine Hitler and the Third Reich
Jane Austen: Persuasion ~ Jane Austen!! there has to be at least one every year!
De Bernieres: Notwithstanding ~ very funny although I'm not sure that all of it would make much sense unless one has lived in an english country village
Iain Banks: The Crow Road ~ a re-reading! and no wonder ~ very funny tale of a murder, madness and mayhem.
I love the Gryffydor socks! I would like to have a scarf in just those colours!
All the best for 2012 ~a Big Year Over Here!
Rosy x