Well then.

Christmas came and went, a good few days: a lovely dinner Christmas Eve night followed by "White Christmas", presents in the morning and an afternoon of phone calls, dog walks and cooking (Tim) on Christmas day and then Boxing Day with our friends Steve and Jen and their two kids.

The only knitting type gift was sheep salt and pepper shakers (which will turn up on the blog header, thanks C and B!) and Tim made some beautiful celtic inspired jewelry for me. That was a wonderful surprise. Also, ZUMBA! And finger paints. Because I am six.

Tim goes back to work today and I'll just sort of hang. I started REAMDE last night and it's pretty good--it's also a gazillion pages long but it moves pretty fast. Knitting too--not a lot has been done but I promise to post pictures this week.

Enjoy the last few days of the year!


Kim said…
Did I know Tim made jewelry? (The mind goes at my age.)

And hooray for finger paints!! You must show us your creations.