Roller Coaster Weekend

IMG_4316 by kbshee
IMG_4316, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Life was a bit surreal this weekend, as we combined celebrations with some worries.

Friday we received the news that Juneau's 'miracle drug' that was supposed to stimulate the growth of white blood cells did not work. Tim brought home a chemo drug called Elspar, which we gave to her subcutaneously at about 7pm. We were informed that in very rare cases, dogs have an allergic reaction to the treatment, and so since we are documented to be a rare case we rushed her to the Emergency Vet as she was experiencing a type of anaphylaxis. She spent the night at the Emergency vet and with their good care recovered from that.

Saturday we brought her home and then basically hung out with her. We had reservations for dinner out Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary, and thought about cancelling but as she seemed to be resting fine we went ahead and went out, and we were glad we did.

Sunday we celebrated our real anniversary, Father's Day and Tim's graduation with presents in the morning (these flowers were from Tim, brought home on Saturday). Sunday afternoon I attended our Honors celebration, and Sunday night we barbequed and made smoked burgers.

Monday (are you exhausted yet?) I had my graduation at noon and then Tim participated in his Master's graduation at 3pm. My graduation called out over 450 names, and I hooded four students. At Tim's, he had center stage for his hooding by his two advisors, and I was asked to stand and be recognized for my support of him during his work. It was really touching.

Yesterday, Juneau went back to OSU and the bloodwork continued to be dire. They did another bone marrow biopsy to see if there are any last ditch efforts to try--we'll know more today or tomorrow. She's breathing heavily but still had an appetite and I'm guessing she'll want to do a little walk.

So lots of tears over the past few days, and I"m sure more to come.


zippiknits said…
Congratulations to you and Tim on your Graduation Milestones.

I'm truly sorry the treatments are not working for your dearest Juneau but that she does have a another option. It sounds like she just wants to be with you and by loved for the rest of her life, whatever else happens.

Jazz played clear up to that last day of his life. He was a happy little guy with a very bad heart. Juneau will the most happy with you. Big Hugs for all of you. I know how hard this is.