Socks and Stella

IMG_4313 by kbshee
IMG_4313, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

I finished these socks for Tim--they're from String Theory and are the best self striping socks in the universe. Also the pretties color of grey. Just the basic toe up socks that I can almost do in my sleep.

And sharing the photo is Stella, our crazy little black cat who in this picture looks like she might be dark brown. Stella appears rarely on the blog since she has a seizure disorder, is sort of a hermit, and we avoid taking flash photos of her. But every so often she wanders into a picture. Hi Stelly!

I'm just about done with the term...the term I thought would never finish...and have to grade the portfolios for my class and assign final grades, but I have all week to do that. A few meetings here and there, but I'm now officially in transition-to-summer mode. Today I might even think about a little summer knitting! STay tuned!


KSD said…
Stella! I knew you were real!
zippiknits said…
Ah, Stella, you are very sweet looking.

Happy summer mode Kim.