Yes. It is a sleeve.

IMG_4358 by kbshee
IMG_4358, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Even if it doesn't look like it. There's a miter in the cuff which is kind of hard to see. But it is a sleeve. And I have one more to go.

In celebration of finishing stuff, I cast on for two new projects yesterday. And then realized today they're both top down v neck sweaters. Oops! But one is a cardi out of laceweight and the other is a pullover out of not laceweight, so they should seem like different projects. Right?

I also need to cast on a pair of socks, since I don't have any on the needles right now.

I finished my week of volunteer work, which means except for writing two syllabi, doing a promotion review letter, grading projects from the Portland class, and organizing a search, I'm pretty much done with commitments for the summer. Oh, and hiring a new Public Records officer. But seriously, I'm going to make myself take time off and not spend the rest of the summer working.

We're going to get a little taste of what the nation has been feeling with a heat advisory tomorrow. We're thinking about hunkering down tomorrow and then going on a paddle on Sunday. WEEKEND! It's funny how having two Saturdays working make it seem like FOREVER since I've had a 'real' weekend!


KSD said…
Don't guess a Public Records Officer can work from thousands of miles away, huh? Did I tell you I get rejected for the Toys R Us cleaning and maintenance staff?