Oldie but goodie.

Word verification

Willow Cowl


We find magic everywhere!

Can you say 'quick knit'?

The blue shrug thing

Something Cowl

Merry and bright again

I hate seaming sweaters.


So this happened

Merry and Bright

Update on life in the icey north


This really never happens here

Tuesday list

Baby hat


And then there's this

The back of the shruggy thing

Skydive--with question marks

The shruggy thing

Tiny mitten

Comet and sleeves


Imagine That

Almost done

This will look better when it is blocked

Dress up part 2

Dressing Up

Faculty Meeting Socks

Giving it a go

Smiling happy people with scribble cowls

Coming along

Scribble cowl and an update

More skirt


Hail to purple, hail to white!

Maybe for a 22 year old


First week of the term

Wanna Swap?

Tis the season

It slowly grows


And the prizes keep on coming

Today's tip: Enter every darn knitting giveaway that you encounter

Skirting the Issue

Big Grey Cardigan

Can't remember what this is called--something about a bridge?

What I did on my summer vacation

Done gone fishin'

Our boys

Second to last

Happy Labor Day

Happy Candy Cowl

Oh Noro