IMG_0450 by kbshee
IMG_0450, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

I spent a bit of time organizing my yarn wall today in my own super special organizational system. Here are the contents of these six sock yarn cubbies, going clockwise, starting with the top cubby on the left.

1. Sock yarn I have wound into balls because I really want to knit something with them right away but I don't know what, or sock yarn to wind into balls because I want to knit something but I don't know what.

2. Purple yarns. Um, a whole stuffed dbby of purple yarns.

3. Stripey yarns that make me happy and sing 'we are happy stripey yarns! Knit us".

4. Blue and green yarns. (To the right is 'my own personal sock yarn club'...a skein of yarn bagged with a pattern in order to facillitate knitting of stash. I did that, oh, four years ago.)

5. Yarns that would make suitable socks for Tim.

6. Red yarns, with a few purpley red yarns, and pink on the right hand side of the cubby.

So yep. There's a little tour of my head, um, yarn cubbies.


KSD said…
Love the cute, fun names, and then, "Yarn for Suitable Socks." Hysterical.