Three Hour Summer Cowl

While straightening my stash, I found two balls of Rowan Cotton Braid and thought "hmm, wouldn't that make a cute summer cowl?" And even better, I knit it up in 3 hours!


Two balls Rowan Cotton Braid (it is discontinued, but I think any bulky summery yarn would work). I used one entire ball and just a bit of the second ball--I've included a section you can skip if you only have one ball.
Size 15 circular needle (24").


Cast on 50 stitches. Join for knitting in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches. PM to show start of round.

Round 1: Knit
Round 2: Purl
Round 3: Knit, wrapping yarn around the needle three times.
Round 4: Knit, dropping extra wraps off the needle.
Round 5: Purl.
Round 6: Knit
Round 7: Purl.
Round 8: Knit, wrapping yarn around the needle twice.
Round 9: Knit, dropping wrap off the needle.
Round 10-12: repeat round 5-7
Round 13: *Knit 8, k2tog (repeat 4 more times).
Round 14: Purl
Round 15-21: repeat rounds 3-9.
Round 22: Purl
Round 23: Knit
Round 24: Purl
Bind off. Weave in ends. Pop on and wear happily!

If you only have one ball, eliminate the final wrapping section (rows 15-22).
I'm wearing mine unblocked at the moment.


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