Last day of the year

Halfway Scarves

Knitting week: so it begins

Knitting Week at My House!

Holly Jolly

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve!

Ten on Tuesday...

Countdown to Crimbo

My friend Lauren (no knitting content!)

And here's the front

The back

Fall term in the books

Holiday decorations


The waiting is the hardest part

Mindless project

No Knitting Content Here.

Socks for Tim

This week

New Project

Taking advantage of a sunbeam...

Home Stretch

Purple Friday


More Vivienne

Secret holiday knitting



Knit knit knit

Cold and Rainy

One Down

Thank you KAT!

That time of year

The mitts!!

Did I tell you about Jessie Cat?

New sock

PSA: How to make mittens from old sweaters