Alpaca Hoodie

Not to self: in the future, photograph a striped sweater on the floor, or on a chair, or on a table. NOT ON A QUILT.

But the hoodie goes well, and goes quickly.

Football weekend at our house--the last game starts at 1:40 our time and we'll be rooting for the Broncos and Peyton, of course. And I might, *might*, get the back done on this sweater. 

And a reminder: I'm posting about the progress of my OWN alpaca project here: The Paca Project. I cast on for the first project, a cowl, and you can follow its progress over there. I will also post pics here as it develops if you are not enchanted by the minutia of me knitting alpaca.


rosy said…
Love this! I am very keen on grey stripes ~ it always seems a very 'English' thing! (Love the quilt too!)
kathy b said…
Ohhhh all those fun stripes