Happy New Year and Back to Normal

Tim and I just returned from a trip to the Bay Area to spend New Year's with his sister Candace and brother in law Bill. We left Monday night, drove to Ashland and spent the night, and then drove the rest of the way on Tuesday, arriving in time for cocktails and dinner and trying to keep awake til midnight. We went to Half Moon Bay for lunch on Thursday and Santa Cruz on Friday so had a nice dose of sun and sand and sea. Thursday night I hung out at Candace's place of employment: Green Planet Yarns, and knit while she led a knit along (yes, I have a SIL who works in a yarn shop. A really nice yarn shop. I need to put together a list). We drove back yesterday, all in one day, and it was a very easy drive with minimal highway traffic.

Back to fog. Hooray. Hard to deal with after sunny and high 60s down South.

I got a lot of knitting done. First off, here is the sleeve to the shrug:

Right before I left, I got the yarn I need to make this sweater, from the new VK:
And the BEST NEWS of all--the Alpaca is done being processed, and so the Paca Project will officially begin!


kathy b said…
Yeah for Pica project!!
KSD said…
What a great sweater! Off to a newsstand to by VK...
rosy said…
Happy New Year, Kim! Pleased to read there was sun for you!
I love the sweater too ~ it looks like quite an advanced knit! We would call it a 'hoodie' over here ~ I love hoodies