Sunday Updates

We spent most of the day hanging out yesterday, making sure Pilot was doing OK, and he's doing great. We did go out for a more fitted collar and he seems OK with it--he can pretty much navigate where he needs to go, and as long as the food bowl is on the floor (and not slightly raised as it usually is) he can attend to all his needs. We take off the collar when we're all hanging out--the important thing is for him not to scratch his stitches off or for Comet to lick the wound, and between the two of us we can monitor that pretty easily.
I started on this sock with some mystery yarn that I really, really like.
Today we'll be rooting for the Broncos and hanging out with the pups. Hope your Sunday is just as nice.


kathy b said…
The Broncos have it well in hand
rosy said…
Poor Pilot! Although he seems very calm and accepting of the cuff ~ get well soon, Pilot!