And this.

This is Peeta--I saw it at  Twinner's blog and love the waves. I have, however, little patience for solid color yarn. So I decided to do it in a long repeat yarn--we'll see how it goes. Worst case scenario is that I have a shawl that doesn't look like waves but I like it anyway.

I like blues for spring. Could you tell?

There's also this waiting to be knit into a cowl:
And finally, I was taking pictures of my spring flowers outside and took a selfie with my neighbor:


Zippi Kit said…
You are such an inspiration to a failed knitter! Thank you for sharing your knitting and your kitty, too!
kathy b said…
I love your neighbor meow….meow…

I love your waves is beautiful
KSD said…
The Peeta is a fun knit, don't you find?

I had to buy myself some daffodils, as I lack a green thumb.