Drop stitch scarf

This seems to be going well.

Interestingly, the camera made these colors much more vibrant than they really are---there isn't a light blue and a cobalt, for example, it is more greyish blue. I wonder if I need to take the picture with a flash?

I've had a few days with no major life failures, so that's good. I guess. I'm trying to just keep focused on the work that needs to be done in the next four weeks so students can graduate and move on to their happy shiny lives, and so yeah.

The pasta turned out pretty well (but whole wheat pasta is just not. that. good) and today I'm going to make kale and sweet potatoes. I think. Or baby swiss chard and sweet potatoes. One of those two.


kathy b said…
I like how the scarf is coming along.

I don't like wheat pasta either