Fine Tune with 'recipes'

Here is the status of Fine Tune. Short row knitting is the new...what? The new lace? The new cabling? Or maybe it isn't...but I sure enjoy knitting this pattern.

Yesterday was a bit of an odd day. It has been kind of an odd week...some not great news for me professionally (just some things I thought would happen for me ended up not happening for me, and I'm really disappointed) and piles of stuff to read that is just sort of uninteresting (obviously, I assume most of my students don't read this blog). And then at 3pm I heard a 'bang' and the electricity went out. Worst case, power outages really freak me out. Best case, I just sort of didn't know what to do with myself without the distractions of music, internet, blah blah. Anyway. It also changed my plans for dinner because I had planned to make a big salad with the ingredients in our second box (salad mix and other yummies) but I sliced my finger while trying to cut up some chicken and decided that I needed a dinner with less chopping.

And then we had no electricity. And I didn't know how to light the burners on the gas stove since I couldn't find matches (it turns out Tim uses a creme brulee torch). So I ended up making sandwiches and asparagus on the grill. So that all worked out well.

But I did make sweet potatoes and kale on Thursday. It was great...and I hate kale. Here is what I did:
-microwave one sweet potato for five minutes on high. Let it cool and dice it into smallish cubes.
-take two bunches of kale, rinse them,  and strip the leaves from the stems. Put the leaves and a cup of water in a pot, heat it to boiling, and then let it simmer for about five minutes (probably could steam it and that would work too). Then, rinse the kale in cold water, then squeeze it into a ball and squeeze all the water out. Then, chop the little ball into pieces. This is kind of fun.

-put a tablespoon or so into a saucepan with some chopped garlic. Heat the oil--saute the garlic til it starts to turn brown and then remove the garlic. Put the potatoes in, heat them through, then add the kale and heat it for about five minutes on low.

-then, add some chopped cilantro and lemon juice. heat it for a minute or so more on medium, and then serve. It makes two good sized servings, and it is really good!


kathy b said…
lights out for real. Sorry about that. Grilled sandwiches sound wonderful to me right now
KSD said…
Are you okay? Here if you need me.