Fine Tune

I started the Fine Tune scarf, and then realized I have two other scarves which are 'TV knitting' (I have to pay a bit of attention, but not a whole lot. But I can't read and knit). So now with Fine Tune I have three (yay). But I do like how this looks--I will have a third color of blue in the eyelet stripe too, so it should look good.

This isn't a great week--I feel every bit of bad energy I've generated this year is coming to back to knock me down. 

In workout news: I've been doing the workout dvd a few times and this morning added the 'flexibility and balance' workout which was a good stretch. And balance is really important, especially as you get older. So that's good. I've also been eating better. Tonight I'm making the asparagus pasta that I didn't get around to last week.


kathy b said…
My energy is very low as well. I had a tummy thing last weekend and that left me on toast and rice and very little energy. THen I had to work last night and Im trying to be chipper for Fireman's birthday today but truth is I wanna go to sleep!