I have two summer projects that are somewhat interrelated..hexipuffs and a wreath for the front door. I've been collecting oddments (that is a Rowan knit word, isn't it?) of sock yarn AND I belong to the koigu mini skein club and have plenty of yarn for both projects. But how to organize?

The wreath will be a base of leaves that will be 'permanent', and then I'll velcro different types of flowers depending on the season (well maybe three types: fall, spring, summer...and maybe have little Christmas ornaments too but maybe not since we usually get a pine wreath for the door for Christmas). All the leaves and flowers take little bits of yarn.

So today I organized. First, the oddments went to bags by color:
From left to right: leaves, blues, purples, pinks/reds, and fall.

Then I organized supplies (dpns, patterns and stuffings)

And then plopped in the summer colors.

Now I think I'll go knit something. But then I'll have to figure out where to put that something I knit. Argh.


kathy b said…
cannot WAIT to see your wreath!