More Windward

 Windward is now starting to look like something, although I must admit I keep returning to the pictures on Ravelry to make sure I'm knitting the right thing. I guess once you jauntily loop it around yourself it starts to look less pointy. But I continue to enjoy this and it makes good intense television knitting.

We finished up "True Detective" last night and it is really good It is a nice break from other cable dramas which are bloody and gory. True Detective is more of a psychological thriller, which is scary and intense in its own unique ways. The last episode did get a bit icky but nothing most people can't handle.

Once it warms up a little today, we are off to the Willamette River for our first river trip of the season in our blow up kayak. We're just going to do a smaller stretch of the river that has a few rapids to get our 'feet wet' again for river paddling. Then home for the USA-Portugal match later this afternoon.

Late yesterday afternoon we did a five mile roller blade on our favorite bike path by the McKenzie river (and can note--how lucky am I to live with two rivers so close by!). It was a beautiful late afternoon, a prefect temperature.

How is your weekend?


kathy b said…
I love good television Knitting!!! Your shawl is great
KSD said…
The stripes are breathtaking! Perfect marriage of yarn and pattern. Brava.