That shawl!

I finished the main body--now I knit a cable band for the top to finish it off.

Pretty pleased with how this looks--and it is a pretty fast knit for cables and a shawl. Thumbs up!

I had fun working the info booth at the Black Sheep Gathering this morning, but it was NUTS! Seriously NUTS! Our main job was to sell tshirts and other BSG memorabilia--and this year there was a special tie-dye 40th anniversary shirt that went like hotcakes.

I made a few purchases:

The blues and the red are Bijou Basin (yak and wool) that will be mitts for me and a hat for Tim. The purple is an indy dyer that I haven't heard of previously but will find the name for the next post.


kathy b said…
yakity yak don't talk back~