An Outing!

Tim and I took a little trip up to Corvallis yesterday. Since Tim works (and goes to school) in Corvallis, he is there several days a week and is fairly familiar with it. In the 18 or so years we've lived here, I've been there about two dozen times and most of those were to go to the Vet School with a sick dog. So a 'fun' trip to Corvallis seemed like a good idea! There was a specific goal too: Tim wanted to scope out the classroom he'll be in--he'll ride his bike from his office to the campus, about a dozen blocks, for class twice a week.

We had lunch at Skyhigh Brewery--some of the best fish and chips I've ever had (mostly the fish, the chips not so  much). Then we went to  Stash, a (fairly) new yarn shop with all kinds of artisan yarns--I think the most 'mainstream' yarn they stock is from Mad Tosh. I bought these:

Tim picked out the 'Jade' yarn from Madtosh for socks. The black and white yarn is Cobasi from HiKoo--it is made of COtton, BAmboo and SIlk (see what I did there?). There's also a bunch of elastic in there too.

We drove up via the Interstate but drove home the 'back way' through farmlands, which is always kind of pretty. You really feel out in the middle of nowhere, even though the back way drive is probably about 40 miles. I knit on the way, and pretty much finished the hat (and actually finished it off while we watched "The Hundred Foot Journey" last night:
It is a cute hat, and went really fast once the cable band was done. As as my twinster will tell you, the slouch hat is now in style with the young folk. The great thing about this hat is that you can knit the band to fit you perfectly, which is a great thing.

School starts up again tomorrow, and I've enjoyed the break and have only slight guilty feelings for not getting more done. Ah well.


KSD said…
I've only worked with HiKoo yarns a couple of times, but have really liked them. You chose a nice color.