Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday's Ten on Tuesday is ten intentions/goals for the New Year. I like this one.

1. TEN THOUSAND STEPS! Or at least try. So far, at 8:47 am I've done 6300 (dog walk and 22 minutes of Dance With Me) and I'm hopeful I can meet this goal five out of seven days each week.

2. BALANCE AT WORK. I can get so caught up in admin stuff I forget that I love being a professor because of teaching and research. So at most, I'll work eight hours each week on admin stuff and then I'm done. I have a goal of getting 20 hours of research in...lots of great projects on the horizon.

3. BALANCE IN READING. I need to read more academic stuff. I need to fit this in the balance part, as this is for my job, but it is also for my intellectual health. I also need to spend less time reading crap on the Internet (bye bye constant updates on the royal family).

4. COOK MORE. I tend to not experiment and rely on the same old stuff. Once a week I'm going to try a new recipe. Yesterdays': french onion soup. Quite tasty.

5. BREATHE. I need to breath more. Enough said.

6. PAY MORE ATTENTION TO THE ANIMALS. Sometimes a day goes by and I realize I didn't spend any time just stroking the cats or the dogs. This is a great calming activity and I need to do this every day.

7. BE (a little more) OUTGOING. I really prefer my own company (and TIm's) to other people's, but reaching out and spending an hour having coffee with someone often makes me feel good and is good for my mental state. So I need to try to do that once a week (maybe once every two weeks).

8. PRIORITIZE. Marriage first. Life second. Job third.

9. BE LESS HASTY. I'll combine this with #5 and just take a breath (or ten) before saying yes or not.

10. CHOOSE NOT TO FIGHT. This goes beyond not choosing battles. It is choosing not to fight the battles that don't matter one little bit. Which is most of them.


Rachel said…
Great intentions Kim! I was struck by your #7. I am such an introvert that even the thought of an outing with friends makes me nervous...and yet I know that an hour lunch or bike ride etc is manageable and almost always makes me feel better. I hope 2015 treats you and Tim (and critters) well -- I'll look forward to seeing what you get up to this year!