Sunday update

I love this cowl, it is fun to knit and I love how it looks and how cozy it is going to be if we ever again have a normal winter. I shouldn't complain, given what is happening Back East, but the weather is more like April/May than January/February: highs have been in the upper 50s and lower 60s and lows barely around 40. There is no snowpack and we're in for a drought in the summer. But hey! I have a gorgeous scarf in the works!

The yarn is Yowza--the grey is two held double, the multicolored is a single of a variegated that apparently is made for this scarf.

We celebrated Valentine's with a trip to the coast--took a walk with the dogs on the North Jetty in Florence, had lunch at a small Mexican family restaurant, and then walked a bit around Old Town before driving home. A beautiful, sunny day, very similar to a summer day on the coast. I kept thinking the temps in Eugene would be in the 80s when got home, since it seemed so summer like! Not quite though.


KSD said…
Perfect. Like little pieces of sea glass on the sand.