A Week of "Days"

Yesterday was Earth Day (yay!), today is World Book Day (hooray!) and Monday was 4/20 (a sacred holiday in Eugene). To me, this week is a continuation of the very hectic pace of Spring term.

In honor of World Book Day, here are three books I've read recently:
1. The Children's Crusade by Ann Packer. Packer wrote one of my favorite books, "The Dive from Claussen's Pier", and this book is almost as good. A story of a family and how a black sheep can change everything.
2. A Brief History of Monmaray, recommended to me as someone who liked "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith (which is one of my favorite books of all time). This book was so much like "I Capture" but written with a more globally oriented viewpoint (because looming WW2 plays a HUGE role) and it is much darker. But I liked it.
3. Us by David Nicholls---I'm reading this one now. A family vacation where the family is falling apart, and trying to come together. Sad and funny.

So there is a bit of knitting:
These are almost done. Note the 'not quite matching' stripe pattern I expertly did.

I love working on Jeanie:
Although I do wish I went faster.


KSD said…
I saw "World Book Day," and thought of the encyclopedia set I had growing up.