Happy Easter Weekend

It is cool and dreary here, which is fine since I just want to lay around (lie around?) and read and get the laundry put away. And knit, although I'm a bit bored with it all right now.

But I wanted to share pictures with you of our tulips. I planted bulbs in the fall of 2013 but we had none last year since deer came through and chomped all the heads off. For some reason, the deer are feasting somewhere else this year, and throughout my neighborhood tulips abound.

I had forgotten both the number and colors that I had picked out, but I did good.


rosy said…
Your tulips are beautiful! Too cold yet for tulips here but lots of cheery daffs. And blossom on the trees.
Anonymous said…
Because you asked, it would be "lie." Don't sweat it too much on the blog, though! http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/lay-versus-lie
Kim in Oregon said…
Thanks anonymous grammar commenter!
Anonymous said…
Lovely! Your tulips are lovely.

I wish they would grow here. :-(