Kimollie Makes

Do you read the magazine or the blog Mollie Makes ? It is a UK based crafting magazine with a bit of a hipster vibe. I think the demographic is about 20 years younger than me, but that's OK. It always has a lot of interesting ideas and freebies (like all good UK magazines give you), and it is a nice bright well designed publication.

There's usually a knitting something or other in the magazine, and this month's is a color block top. That inspired me to tweak the pattern (it was written for pretty thick yarn) and do my own very subtle color block out of cotton fleece that has been in the stash for years.

The third color will be 'cotton ball' and this should look great with khaki shorts and pants, and jeans, and just about anything given it is a neutral.

Plus it is completely mindless which I need right now.


KSD said…
I'm doing mindless now, too --- stockinette cardigan, a striped throw, a feather-and-fan shawl, an easy drop-stitch shawl. Must be something in the air.
Kim in Oregon said…
Feather and fan is NOT MINDLESS twinster!
kathy b said…
Ohhh the color block is wonderful~!!!
Im doing mindless lace row repeat! Loving it