Ten Everyday Things that Delight Me

What a great topic (I skipped last week, 10 books I've read recently, because too hard. I do want to say I did read "The Children's Crusade" by Ann Packer over the weekend and it was really good). So before I dive even further into my day (I've already crossed three things (albeit small things) off my todo list so I'm pleased with myself) here are ten everyday things:

1. When Pilot (dog) hears the radio go off in the mornings, he gets up from his bed at the foot of our bed and comes up to Tim and I for a snuggle.
2. How green it is in Oregon. Many of the flowering trees have finished flowering and it is so, so green.
3. Chocolate, dark chocolate.
4. Parking karma. I get in very early most days I come in so generally don't have a problem getting a place, but those times when I come in later, it is always nice to nab a place. Parking is notoriously bad on every college campus in the world.
5. Seeing the kids of students I"ve taught. It reminds me that miracles do happen.
6. Being able to read, and having reading be a big part of my life.
7. The smell of freshly mown lawns (I AM A CLICHE!).
8. Beautiful tulips uneaten by deer.
9. Little Comet gluing herself to my side when she takes a nap.
10. Living somewhere where I can see stars at night.


elns said…
Oooh, dark chocolate and seeing the stars. 2 things right there that I really smiled at. Nice list!
KSD said…
Loving the smell of cut grass is one of the Great Cliches.