Up to speed

Last night was the first night since the time change that I've had a decent night's sleep (meaning more than 6 1/2 hours by my estimation) and it felt great, although I'm hitting the wall again now. I had a very productive day including submitting an article, submitting a two page abstract for a conference, and submitting a case study for a book. Submit submit submit! Yay! Didn't get the reading done on the agenda but I'm OK with that.

I was in a conference in Chicago (spoiler: it snowed): 48 hours in and out, with a total of an hour and a half outside the conference hotel except for cab rides to O'Hare. Busy busy busy with lots of catching up and problem solving, as well as two presentations which went well. My friend Kati, the recipient of the blue baby sweater was there from Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon, and then she was induced on Monday morning (she traveled down from Milwaukee) and now baby Graham has a lovely new sweater and all is right with the world.

I finished this on the plane:

This is the first week of a new term (I HATE THE QUARTER SYSTEM RIGHT NOW AND PROBABLY UP UNTIL MID JUNE) with all of its affiliated first week crap. At least my teaching week is over.


Anonymous said…
I love that sock. It reminds me of Hello Kitty! LOL