Ten on Tuesday: What I did this weekend

It was sort of a holiday--we didn't have class on Monday but both Tim and I spent most of the day working. Still it was nice to be home and just hanging out and not having anywhere special to be. Here is what I did:

1. Photographed some stash yarn and put it up for sale on Rav.
2. Packed up said yarn that got sold in order to mail it out tomorrow.
3. Long and good walks with the dogs.
4. Watched a bit too much "Fortitude" (a mystery that aired last winter on Pivot).
5. Did NOT watch "My Old Lady" because it was too "play-y".
6. Organized my circular needles in their circular needle case.
7. Pulled some weeds.
8. Blocked some sweaters.
9. Made margaritas in the blender.
10. Finished two book chapters, a human subjects application, read a thesis, a prospectus, and a book review. 


rosy said…
Ten Things!
Well done!
Don't you just love lists? I do . . . and 'completed' lists are the best kind!