Back to normal?

I finally had what I consider a 'normal' night's sleep last night and life around our house appears to be getting back to what is considered normal. Maybe?

Usually we go on vacation at the end of the summer---after Labor Day when things get less crowded. And then usually after we get home there is a rush to get ready for the new term. This year, I have half the summer left to enjoy/get work stuff done, and since I didn't get a whole lot done before the trip I feel a bit behind--but also know I have plenty of time to get stuff done.

I don't have any knitting projects that I'm chomping at the bit to start on and so am digging through the WIPs to finish those up. I did a bit of work on Jeanie yesterday:

Once I get in the rhythm this goes pretty quickly, although it did take me two hours to do ten rows yesterday. But I really like this and want to finish it this summer.

I also returned to the mindless garter stitch that is my pretend Drachenfels. Unfortunately Comet loves it too.

I'm working on the navy part and should have this finished in the next day or so.

Nothing really on the agenda knit-wise, other than baby stuff (several students are having babies, so hats are necessary--also my niece is having a baby and I'm going to make a Pepita for her) and I do want to knit a black sweater but is anything more dull than saying "I want to knit a black sweater"?

I also have been reading....I read "House of Echoes" which was very spooky, along with "Re Jane" which was a retelling of Jane Eyre and a book called "Hausfrau" which was very depressing. I have just started "The War of the Encyclopediasts" which I'm not sure how that will be and I have "The Luminaries" which is about New Zealand.

I had two work things I wanted to cross off the list yesterday but got stymied both times...I needed more information from people and it was not forthcoming. So instead I worked on a syllabus. I might do that today too, as the info still isn't back.


elns said…
It seems like you have a lot in progress! Just perhaps the emphasis is In Progress. Knit, work, read. You seem really good at balancing it all out. I need to work on that.
kathy b said…
Welcome home. I have to read fun or enlightening books....You are a brave one for the frightening books!
Lace frightens me enough