A 'Me' Day

Today is a 'me' day--I have no appointments on the schedule which is pretty rare. Even though I technically am 'off' during the summer, lots of 'things' keep popping up. During the summer, in addition to my regular research, I review articles for journals, write tenure and promotion letters, put together proposals, work with my grad students, and try to catch up on academic reading. So right now I'm caught up with all the 'things' and even have two out of three syllabi done for the fall term (and that is still six or so weeks away--maybe four, maybe five, not sure).

So today I'm doing stuff around the house, thinking about research (which I have to do to get my mind around it...how do I proceed from here with what I have...especially on this kind of complex ethics research that I'm doing) and do some knitting and reading.

Speaking of knitting, this is done and I think it looks great:

It is still a bit damp so I couldn't take a picture with it on--but I really like how it turned out.

Books: I finished two books and am really enjoying two others. I finished "Second Life" bySJ Watson--it is good but a bit creepy and I got a bit frustrated with the main character who is sort of a horrid person. The second one was "Master Thieves" about the Gardner Museum Heist in Boston--I'm kind of fascinated by art theft and forgery, perhaps it is a legacy of my one year as an Art History Major in college. I also would love to do a program in art crime and believe it or not there is  one in Italy--maybe some day.

Now I"m reading two books with New Zealand themes. First is "The Luminaries" which won the Man Booker prize last year. It has lots of characters but is really good--set during the NZ gold rush. The second is a classic: Green Dolphin Street--written in 1944 by Elizabeth Goudge (GOUGE?) about a woman who goes to NZ for love (a bit more complex than that) and it is set in the 1840s. It is really good too--it shows up on lots of lists of 'classics' but I've never read (although I've heard of it, and the song that goes with it).  Interestingly, Goudge (Gouge?) (OK just googled it is GOudge) never went to New Zealand.

I've also been doing the annual visits to the vets for the summer--it is just easier to get their annual exams in summer than during the school year. Pilot had to have some glands expressed (and if you are a dog lover you will know WHICH glands and why the vet has to do it) but still seems 'bothered' by his back end. And so:

He has on the inflatable doughnut of love (there is no shame at our house!). It bothers him not at all. He's a great dog.


elns said…
A Me day sounds lovely. And yes no matter what you plan to not be doing or doing other things more things seem to always pop up! I'm impressed with your organization. Seems like you save yourself a lot of stress. I should do that. I worry I'm proving myself incapable.

Anyhow, hope it's a fabulous day for you and doggie and his bum. hehe.
KSD said…
Lovely turns of phrases regarding Pilot's woes. I trust he's feeling better now?
rosy said…
'Green Dolphin Country' is just about ALL I know of New Zealand so it has been interesting reading the posts about your hols.
I love Elizabeth Goudge books and have to admit that I chose the name 'Stella' for our first-born simply because of the character in 'Gentian Hill'. The books are a little fantastical but I have read and loved them all and still dip into them from time to time when I feel a little 'blue'.
Am still catching up on blogs ~ it has been a busy Summer!