I Heart Entrelac

So this happened yesterday:

I really love entrelac--it is just knitting but it seems to go faster than regular knitting and just looks so fun. I've never been afraid of picking up stitches and when you did entrelac in the round you do need to pick up stitches from the wrong side--as long as you *remember* to do that it works out fine.

My first Entrelac piece was the Lady Eleanor shawl but I didn't do the fancy fringe.  I also did the Stain Glass bag which isn't really entrelac--I could have sworn I did an entrelac bag but I'm not seeing it anywhere in my house.  Anyway--I love knitting it but in reality it is a little 'too much' in terms of design and color for a woman who prefers to wear black and grey. So the hat should be a good compromise.

OH and I missed my blogiversary this month--as of August 2nd I've been blogging for 11 years. That kind of astonishes me--that's a long time to be knitting as well as blogging. I feel like I should be a better knitter (oh I'm a brave knitter but I'm not a great knitter) but hey. I enjoy it and that is the important thing.


elns said…
I can't entrelac, but you sure can! Wow that looks great and the colors you've chosen are absolutely lovely.
kathy b said…
I enjoy your blog! I started in 2004 but had two prolonged breaks during some depressive episodes.
I love blogging. Was just saying to my kids that I'm repeating a few thoughts , and maybe i've blogged too long...nah!