Much of the smoke has dissipated and it seems better out today--our morning walk was much less hazy than yesterday. There's also a chance (hahahahah) of rain at the end of the week so that could clear some stuff out--we need the rain so, so bad.

This is coming along nicely:

I am working on the fourth row--hopefully there is enough  yarn to do maybe eight rows? That would make a nice slouchy hat--I think--and then I'll finish it off in black.

I am in the Entrelac Groove and can knit on this without the instructions and can get a row done in about 90 minutes watching stuff on TV--so this could get finished relatively soon.

The yarn seems like the perfect choice--mini mochi--hooray!

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend. I read 'The Little White Horse" by Elizabeth Goudge--it is one of her children's books that JK Rowling really loved--it is fine but a bit twee. I also made a bit of headway in "The Luminaries" and have been reading "China Rich Girlfriend" by Kevin Kwan--he writes these comedy of manners novels about asian culture which are delightful. Teaching at a west coast school, we have quite a few asian students and many of them seem pretty well off--  mostly I see nice cars and the women in high heeled Christian Louboutin shoes (you can tell by the red soles).
We don't have a big asian population in the Journalism school--I think many of them are in the business school and in the art/architecture school. So the book helps me understand them a bit more.
Plus it is just a hoot.

Other than that, we watched A LOT of The Affair and it is so, so twisted. I love it.


kathy b said…
I love your entrelac.. So pretty!