My brain on summer

This time of the year, I love the 'quarter system' which means we start at the very end of September and go through the beginning of December, and then have a lovely three week break.

It all quickly goes to hell when we go back the minute New Year's is over and trudge through til mid-June, with only a week of crazy catch up aka "spring break" to give a little relief. But for now, I'm just going to love having my Summer Brain be fully (dis)functional for a few more weeks.

I have little piles of work--some coding for a project over there, an outline for a project I really want to work on over here, a major grant-funded project that I need to get moving on more than I have wayyyy overrrr therrrrrree but all I really want to do is reading knitting books and do craft projects.

Here's the front of the  Catholic sweater with its confusing 'placket'. I also jumped in on the first sleeve and have it about a third done--yay me!

I also found the PERFECT Christmas knitted gift for Tim and I also have yarn for it but it is sort of a big project and so I probably won't have it done til next Christmas. I already have a Christmas idea for him but you will learn more about that next week, during EXPERIMENTAL CRAFT WEEK!

Yes, my summer brain and I are going to have an experimental craft week next week since Tim is going to be out of town and I will need some fun things to keep me entertained. Stay tuned!


kathy b said…
Nothing like some time alone to really work on the right knitting projects and line up the stast