Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Not much

Not really much to write about today; I think I got a bit thrown off with no Ten on Tuesday yesterday. I've been knitting and it is just more of the same--more of the leg of Pepita, more of the double seed stitch of the Catholic Sweater, seven or eight more rows of Jeane--oh and this:

A bunch of black ribbing.

So this is the 'base' for my entrelac slouch hat which I'm vamping on...I have a pattern for entrelac in the round and so I'll start that on top of this ribbed hat band. The entrelac will be in burgundies and greys--both yarns are mini mochi. So soft...but this black yarn is SO black I have to take it over to the window to make sure I'm not messing up on the ribbing.

OH AND READING shall we just call this my summer of books about depressed women? OK we'll do this. I finished "Woman with a Secret" (not A woman as in my previous post) and I rushed through the ending. It was a mystery ish story with police detectives and there were TOO MANY DETECTIVES and there was sub plot involving the detectives and I just didn't care.

Last night and today I read "Trompe L'oiel" which is a story of a family that suffers a tragedy and then kind of falls apart after it--as famiies do. It was beautifully written but just so sad and tragic. Ah. I need something to cheer me up! Not sure if "The Luminaries" is the best choice to move on to since it is by all means NOT cheery but I have "The White Horse" on the Kindle so might try that.

OH AND TV we are watching "Rake"...the Aussie version...on the Netflix. So funny and so irreverent. I guess FOX did a US version with Greg Kinnear that just didn't cut it. But Rake is so good.

OK your turn!


Rachel said...

A Woman With A Secret sounds like a good field book...although your reference to Girl on a Train and Gone Girl makes me rethink... I love crime drama in the field, but the book needs to have one character that I like or can relate to and neither of those books had them.

I've been reading pretty steadily (just put an update post up on my book challenge), and the best I've read lately was Rebecca...which I'd never heard of before this summer and can't figure out how I missed it.

kathy b said...

Reading the Man WHO LIVED with Wolves. Lovely prose.
Knitting socks

Slowly approaching a new rabbit hole