0 to 60

It is always crazy at the start of the term--you have to go from 0 to 60 in a matter of moments. IT is a huge upheaval in how my life has been going all summer and it is quite jarring. But anyway, onward we go.

Here's the tree skirt--a bad picture from the iPhone:

I still love it!

What else what else?

  • Reading: I read a book called "Dangerous Girls" (blah) and I also finished "Black Chalk" (good). I started 'Fates and Furies' and I"m not crazy about it so far but I'll keep going with it.
  • Watching: Are you watching "Indian Summer" on PBS? It is good--it is also cinematographically (pretty sure that isn't a word) gorgeous! The color and lighting are both amazing.
  • Llama excitement: three llamas got loose in our neighborhood today! The animal control people were called and were not sure what to do. The owner finally showed up--I offered to help but he said he had it taken care of--I don't think he did