All the things

One thing I know about myself is that as soon as the stress of fall term is over that all I will do is cast on for All the Things.

There is even a dedicated bag where All the Things from last Christmas live, unfinished. But let's not think about that. Let's think about All the (new) Things.

Here's one:

This is the first Traveller's Mitt (Rav link) that I'm knitting with the same pink yarn for that big old sweater. It is a bit thicker than the pattern requires but that's OK. They will fit and be nice and warm.

Other things on the to-do list:
-a new cowl from Knitty (cache cache)
-socks for Tim out of Calmer
-I think a Kiernan Foley pattern called High Seas except maybe not
-that Stole that I wrote about a month ago.

In other news: I am starting a Decluttering Project. I have a lot of clutter. I wouldn't call myself a Horder but I have clutter. So I'm trying to declutter one small piece of my life each day. Saturday I did one of the drawers in the bathroom. Today I did the other drawer. I feel better.

So I must ask you: what do you do with stuff that you shouldn't throw away or give away but it just SITS there? Stuff you'll never use like a belt that your mom wore when you were a kid and you liked it but you would never wear it? Or costume jewelry that's just ugly? Do you give it all the Salvation Army?

I'm thinking I could keep one small 'shoebox' sized box for certain themes (one per vacation, one for stuff my mom gave me but I feel bad about throwing out) but then in twenty years time I'll have a bunch of boxes of stuff.

Please give me your decluttering tips!

Thank you!


KSD said…
The best decluttering tip I have ever heard, I heard this year. If, when you look at something, it doesn't give you a "spark of joy," let it go. I found that most things instantaneously hit me as "joyful" or "no."

Most things go to Goodwill, but I also give things to safe houses and schools.
Zippi Kit said…
I've been viciously downsizing, since I know I will only be knitting and making very small things. The big stuff is going! My only tip is to do a little every day and evaluate constantly while walking through your rooms. Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season!

I'm so happy to see that you are still knitting,and hope to rejoin you soon.