In between

The days in between Christmas and New Years are always sort of odd when you live far away from your birth families. And when you've been sick. Tim is much better and he rallied for Boxing day.

There is a bit of knitting going on but somehow I spend more time playing Papa Pear than I do knitting. I do love a good computer game during the holidays!

We went to the framers today to frame one of my Christmas gifts:

Tim's boss/adviser (and my friend) Dominique painted this watercolor of bunnies and a pear, and we are having it matted and framed and will hang it in the dining room. I love this! And I think the frame and mats will look great.

Also on the Christmas gift lift: tickets to "Book of Mormon" in February. Very excited for that!

I'm off to tote some friends to the airport and then home for the Broncos game!


Zippi Kit said…
Being far away from your family is hard at holidays, true.
The watercolor is very clever and beautifully done, and the matts and frame you chose for it look great.
Stay well, keep knitting.
rosy said…
Yes being away from family at festive times is hard. Although sometimes it is hard even when they live nearer! Daughter 1 is expecting their fourth baby (I suspect already late!) and is so cheesed off with people asking how she is / any news / what is happening that I feel I had better leave her be until there actually is some news. So I miss her quite a lot even though she lives fairly close by.
Bridget said…
I do wish I could see my family at the holidays, but now I'm used to not being there, and we make our own plans, etc.

I love the painting!